Homebuyer Requirements Other Builders The Schantz Difference
Great floor plans and designs Some builders use existing plans, tweak them a little bit and call it a custom home.

With over 4,000 Custom Homes built, our in-house design team are experts in quickly helping you design your dream home

Innovative design ideas to reduce clutter and create more open space.

We spend a tremendous amount of time at industry trade shows, Continuing Education, and conducting research to continually harness the best design ideas for you.

We’ve built so many custom homes that together we can accomplish in just a few hours what others may take weeks to do.
Quality: How do you measure quality differences from builder to builder?

Buyers unaware of details omitted from contracts until something comes up during the construction process. Some builders claim generations of experience but the builder himself is a newer business, lacking a track record.

Construction crews?

60 years and three generations of proven quality craftsmanship.

Real estate agents routinely advertise, “Schantz built” to emphasize quality and garner higher resale value.

Quality starts from the ground up. Many of our contractors have spent their entire careers working for Schantz Homes.

Price/Affordability ? Over 4,000 customers have decided Schantz provides the best quality and value available.
Building Process In a national survey 46% of buyers did not receive a closing date; of those that did, 34% closed on average 60 days late. 1/3 cited “did not meet my satisfaction” as reason for delay.

All contracts include a construction period.

Are you busy weekdays?  Use our exclusive on-line MySchantzHome communications center any time; review project schedules; review and approve change orders; email questions, concerns and comments. MySchantzHome provides a centralized written record of the entire process.

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After the Closing Average 2-3 days to return the customer’s call back. Written warranty and performance standards not insured, backed only by builder’s word.

We process work orders within days.

Dedicated staff for speedy repairs.



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