Building Your Custom Home



Getting Started.

Schantz Homes, Inc. maintains an updated portfolio of hundreds of home plans we have built over the years. This gives you a good place to start in matching your needs and preferences within your price range. You can also bring in your own home plan from your personal architect. Of course, any of our pre-existing plans can be modified and customized to meet your needs.


Pricing Your Plan.

After your plan has been finalized Schantz Homes, Inc. will provide a firm written estimate that does not change unless changes are made to the plan.


Choosing a Home Site.

A $3,000 deposit will reserve your selected lot for 40 days. This deposit is fully refundable if you choose not to build a new home. However, once you authorize Schantz Homes, Inc. to create your house plan, your deposit will be forfeited to cover our design services.


Preparing the Contract.

Once all details have been finalized, Schantz Homes, Inc. will prepare your contract with detailed specifications. This typically takes one to two weeks, depending on the size of your home and the degree of customization.


Contingencies and Down Payment

If you have an existing home to sell, your contract may be worded so that the construction of your new home is contingent upon the sale of your existing home and the receipt of a mortgage commitment. During this contingency period, Schantz Homes, Inc. will not sell your lot to someone else without your agreement. Once all contingencies have been released, construction normally will be started within one to six weeks. Spring construction may require a longer lead time than fall or winter.


In order to start construction, Schantz Homes, Inc. generally requires a non-contingent contract (or release of any contingencies) as well as a down payment of 10% of the home’s purchase price.  If you have a low down payment mortgage, Schantz Homes, Inc. will allow a down payment that represents the difference between the mortgage amount and contract amount.


If your down payment is less than 10% of the purchase price, Schantz Homes, Inc. will require a copy of the mortgage commitment from your lender. 


120 Days to Build Your Home. 

Our typical contract calls for the completion of your new home within 120 days from the start of construction. In many cases, Schantz Homes, Inc. can complete construction in 100 days. Schantz Homes, Inc. is available during the day to meet and discuss the status of your new home.


Making Your Selections.

One of the greatest benefits to building a new home is the selection process.  You can decide on an almost unlimited number of options in your new home.  Of course, this can be overwhelming.  So, we have made this entire process web based and you can view it anywhere you have internet access. While you will still want to visit certain suppliers you can even make many of the selections right from your own home! With a quick glance you will always know where you stand, what needs to be done and when.your selection is due to keep your home on schedule.


For more information take a look at this short video or this pamphlet


Moving into Your New Home.

As the closing date approaches, Schantz Homes, Inc. will make all necessary arrangements with your attorney and/or lender. Immediately prior to closing, you will walk through the house with us. Our goal is to eliminate open items on the “punch list” at the time of closing. The walk through also gives Schantz Homes, Inc. the opportunity to explain the workings of household systems (thermostat, furnace, etc.). At this time, we will also review the warranty/service process.

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