Our Specifications


Some specifications vary from community to community.  See the Schantz Communities page for detailed specifications for each of our communities. Visit our Link pages for manufacturer and supplier information. The following specifications and techniques are included in each of our homes:


Exterior Details

Many of our homes are traditional colonial-style homes. But take a closer look at architectural details, like one-of-a-kind porches, crown and frieze boards, full-size Fypon window and door heads. These are the details that will make your new home stylish and timeless.  Videos


... by Bloch Kitchens

Don’t settle for a packaged cabinet manufacturer on your new home. Bloch produces their cabinets to your specifications right here in Rochester. Bloch’s experienced sales staff knows the small details that make your new kitchen special.


Tighter Construction

Schantz Homes, Inc. gives priority attention to the sealing of traditional problem areas like cantilevered floors, connections between the house and garage, passageways into the attic and air leaks behind tubs, fireplaces, electrical outlets and plumbing lines. This special package seals the home and lowers your energy use.


Andersen Windows

We install Silverline by Andersen Windows. Andersen is the biggest name in the industry and they provide exceptional customer service if a problem ever developes. If you ever have a window problem one, five or even 20 years down the road, chances are Andersen will have the parts to be able to fix the problem.  That’s what we call peace of mind.


Exterior Drainage Plane

Every home is covered with a layer of our standard builders wrap over the exterior wall sheathing to reduce any potential problems from rain and snow leaks. Any water that might penetrate the exterior cladding or around doors and windows will drain down the drainage plane rather than being absorbed by wood sheathing, a major durability and mold prevention advantage.


Better Insulated Shell

All walls are filled with sprayed applied cellulose. Finished floors above garage ceilings are dense-packed with blown insulation to assure full coverage.  Attics are insulated with blown cellulose insulation. Not only does cellulose provide superior thermal values it also will make your home quieter due to its sound deadening properties. As a result of the installation process, cellulose reduces air leakage since it can be blown into difficult to reach spaces to eliminate gaps and voids. Since it is made primarily of recycled newsprint, it is an environmentally friendly insulation option. The fibers are impregnated with fire retardant chemicals to make the insulation fire resistant.


We also use Icynene spray foam insulation in the sill boxes (this is the are where the floor joists rest on the foundation wall). Spray foam reduces air leaks and provides a much higher R value compared to poorly fitting fiberglass batts.


Compared to fiberglass, cellulose provides a better value per inch of installed product, performs better at cold temperatures, reduces air infiltration and reduces noise transmission.  Videos



Foundation Insulation and Drainage

A damproofing membrane covers the exterior foundation wall. Then Warm-N-Dri insulation board is installed over the membrane providing a drainage plane, insulation for the foundation and protecting the foundation wall on backfill. Videos

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